Use of the ActiveBench Service

You, in using the ActiveBench services within our website, are designated as a Prospect, and in that capacity, you agree to:

  • ActiveBench Ltd collecting data you submit in the form of a Connection Request.
  • ActiveBench sending the data you submit in a Connection Request (including personal data such as name, email and phone number) to us (in our capacity as an active Customer of ActiveBench Ltd) when you make a Connection Request.
  • Receiving communication from ActiveBench Ltd solely for the purposes of acquiring your feedback as to your experience of using the ActiveBench services
  • ActiveBench using any data that you provide when using the ActiveBench services (such as your company name, job title, search criteria, feedback data) for analytical purposes to improve your experience and that of other ActiveBench users.
  • ActiveBench publishing aggregated and anonymised data you provide to assist Prospects in their choosing a supplier of recruitment services