Candidate care and engagement: top industry priorities for 2020


Candidates are the most precious resource in today's competitive recruitment landscape. According to the Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) site, the top priorities the industry will be focusing on 2020 are:


  • Talent acquisition and engagement. "Candidate acquisition and candidate engagement are not valued in equal measure. Compared to the 43 per cent of firms who will prioritise acquisition in 2020, just 27 per cent will afford that same attention to candidate engagement and the candidate experience".


  • Client relationship management. "In a people-centric industry like recruitment, it should come as no surprise that improving client relationships is a top priority for most recruitment agencies".


  • Embracing digital transformation. "While some firms have already adopted some automation and AI-influenced technology to run their businesses, most agencies have yet to make this leap wholesale. The findings reveal a significant variance in the interest level in digital transformation depending on company size and role".



At EllisKnight, we've been developing a comprehensive strategy to grow and thrive from the core: Candidate Care Team Programme.

We want to make the difference within the industry; investing time and resources to create a continuous bridge of communication between the candidates and the agency.


How do EllisKnight Candidate Care Team works?

After some research, we realise people are getting overwhelmed with the number of emails, calls and push notifications they receive every day from apps, online stores, between others.

Therefore, we created a bespoke communication workflow, where the candidates receive a series of calls and emails, as well as the option of opt-out of the communication altogether if they wish so:


  • The first day at their new job, their recruitment consultant will give them a call, to have a chat about how their day was and to let them know that the Candidate Care Team (CCT) will be in touch soon.


  • The CCT will release a series of 9 automated messages to follow up their first six months of employment with their companies.




Making the difference

Even though we use automated emails, the candidates are free to reply anytime, a member of our Candidate Care Team will answer or give them a call directly to follow up with their enquiry.

On every stage of the CCT programme, we encourage our candidates to call or send us an email, even if it's to say "hi", as we want to be a support channel and help them settle in their new position. Additionally, our candidates can choose the way they want us to reach them: by email, phone calls or mobile messages.

Finally, we continuously review and update the content of each one of the emails in the workflow, as we want to make sure the candidates receive relevant and helpful information.



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