EllisKnight Completes Planet Mark Recertification

Berkshire's own EllisKnight International Recruitment has completed recertification on our Planet Mark membership.

As a celebration, our team were treated a Year 2 Energiser meeting from Hannah Dean-Wood, Engagement Manager at Planet Mark, to run through the key stats of the great work undertaken by the team.

Planet Mark, an Official Partner of EllisKnight International, is a membership organisation that supports forward-thinking businesses in their sustainability goals and certifying their achievements. When you see a Planet Mark certified member, you know that they are driving continuous positive change through their actions, people and reach.

David Holby-Wolinski, Co-Founder of EllisKnight International, said:
"We are so delighted to have recertified with Planet Mark and it ensures we continue to remain accountable to our sustainability pledge as an ethical recruitment agency. To enable us as a business to create a strong and transparent carbon reduction strategy we needed to build our knowledge and understand the numbers behind the science. The incredibly special relationship we have Planet Mark has allowed us to do just that and we're very proud to be now recognised as a sustainability game changer within our industry.

"We will continue to learn and be inspired by other businesses within the Planet Mark community – we have a collective responsibility to strive to make this world a better place for our children and the generations that will follow."

The purpose of becoming more sustainable is due to the increasing threat of climate change to our world and livelihoods. Earth's atmosphere now contains more than 420 ppm (parts per million) of CO2, a significant increase on other natural peaks of the gas in history.
With politicians and activists attending the COP 26 summit in Glasgow recently, it remains unclear how significant The Glasgow Climate Pact and follow-up actions will be against the unfolding crisis. Businesses and organisations that want to do their bit for climate and social prosperity are advised to adopt and follow the targets of the UN SDGs.

We are thrilled to report that between May 2020 and April 2021, our carbon footprint has reduced by 62.4%, well ahead of our 5% reductions year-on-year. Much of the fall can be attributed to changes afflicted by the pandemic, but it is our aim to keep many practices which led to this dramatic fall in place for the foreseeable future.

Our total carbon footprint was 18.4 (tCO2e) averaging at 2.3 (tCO2e) per employee. The biggest reductions came from business travel and electricity usage.
With a full breakdown of our impacts, we are still set to reach our target of net zero by 2050. Planet mark are encouraging us to reduce our footprint further by another 5% (0.9 tCO2e) by next year, however they accept that future reductions are banked against our Year 1 figures for the next two year due to the pandemic.

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of Planet Mark, said:

"We are delighted to have EllisKnight International join us at Planet Mark.  The next generation of talent is increasingly conscious of their prospective employers' environmental credentials. By working with likeminded individuals in both directions of its supply chain, EllisKnight International is propelling the sustainability agenda in the recruitment industry and beyond. The team's enthusiasm in demonstrating the sustainable measures it has in place is remarkable, and the talk is backed up by some really robust policies. EllisKnight wants to do business differently and position itself as a leader in the recruitment industry, and it is well on the way to achieving these goals."

Our partners have recommended several steps to keep our reduction targets on track including:

  • Participating in the Planet Mark Carbon Tour – Our Co-Founder, David, spoke at the Heathrow leg of the tour on 16 Nov
  • Considering a net zero strategy
  • Joining their online community platform
  • Download the Planet Mark toolkits and other resources.
  • Sharing our success stories with Plant Mark on LinkedIn
  • Keeping up the good work and continuing to work towards the recommended 5% reduction for next year

We look forward to recertifying next year.

Click here to see our Planet Mark Commitment: