Embracing technology to confront health concerns.


As coronavirus health concerns continue to grow; we want to let you know our recruitment services continue to operate normally.

We are embracing the digital transformation in every stage of our recruitment process, one of the main steps consists of the first interview powered by the Hinterview platform; this allows us to showcase our candidates through the creation of high-quality videos.


How does video-interview work on EllisKnight International Recruitment workflow?

Video provides a unique opportunity to break the ice in first-time correspondence by injecting personality into candidate introductions. Our consultants aim to make sure the recruitment process is as high-quality and as agile as possible to meet the candidates, and client needs.

The EllisKnight recruitment process consists of five steps:

1. Phone call: Get to know you.
2. Information email.
3. Hinterview - Video interview with EK recruiter.
4. Interview with the company. This step usually is face to face; however, this will be held via video call. During this stage, we will send you an email with detailed instructions of how you will connect with the employer.
5. Feedback.

Please read more details about our recruitment method here.


What to expect?

When you've been shortlisted for a job, one of our recruitment consultants will give you a call to get to know you, give you further details, employer requirements and to be sure this job will fulfil your expectations.

If the vacancy is the right fit for you, your recruiter will invite you to book a video interview. You will receive an email with the date, time, job description and a link to join the meeting.

When you connect, you'll be able to see your friendly recruitment expert, who will go through any queries you might have before start recording the interview. Once this is done, we will send the video, alongside your CV to your potential employer.

To read video-interview recommendations go here.

Candidate's Benefits:
• You can access the interview area into any device (desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile phone) or browser you prefer.
• Rather than just sending an email with your CV attached, we want the employer to see you, and have a broader idea not only of your skills but also of your personality and approach.
• 45% of our employers make a hiring decision after watching the video interview, even though you might have to go through additional interviews.

As part of our service, we will provide you with log-ins to the Hinterview portal, where you will find a library of video interviews for you to review.

The video interviews are stored under each job description and will include a copy of the candidate's CV together with some essential details on salary expectations, notice period and location.

Employer's Benefits
• We connect you with the best talent around the world, anytime.
• You can request specific types of interviews, such as elevator pitches, five questions or interactive video interviews.
• We create tailored interviews based on your choice of questions.
• We help you streamline your recruitment processes.
• View your potential candidates' CV alongside their video interview, which has been undertaken by your consultant.
• The comments section allows you to give your consultant direct feedback on any candidates' Hinterview within the platform.
• Bookmarks on the video allow you to rewatch /skip to specific questions.



For COVID-19 health information and advice, please read the NHS official site:

GOV.UK: information on coronavirus and the situation in the UK.


Any further questions about our remote hiring process? Please contact us.