Interview tips for ex-military candidates


  Ex-Military Candidate's Resources  


When you are planning to attend a job interview, you need to do your homework first. We encourage you to have a look at the company's website you are applying to and pay special attention to the following:

• What exactly does the company do?
• How is the company structured?
• What are the current hot topics (company and industry)?
• What are the company's values and principles?
• What does the basic information suggest? Doing well/poorly?
• Who are the key personalities?


Phone interviews:

• Agree a time when you know you can be alone and undisturbed.
• Ensure the interviewer has the correct contact number to reach you on.
• Ensure your chosen location is quiet – no background noise (traffic, chatter, children etc.)
• Ensure your chosen location has satisfactory reception if using mobile.
• Try to use a location with a table and space to spread basic documents.


Face-to-face interviews:

• Avoid cramming in revision immediately before the interview.
• Avoid taking notes into the interview for reference.
• Avoid writing your own notes during the interview.
• Try to dress to fit the company/role on offer, not your old or current one.
• Dress smart or smart casual, even if it's a video-interview.