The Ethical Recruiter Podcast is here!


The recruitment industry's about to get shamed into eradicating the shady practices it's become known for.

"The Ethical Recruiter" podcast is a weekly episodic show that promises to get people thinking about how they can affect positive change within the workplace, and therefore ultimately improve the overall employer-employee relationship.

It's targeted towards bridging a divide between companies and potential employment candidates.

It will do this by featuring a mixture of staff, and high-profile business leaders, who will share their stories of how forward-thinking contributed to their own successes.

As Director Patrick Graham suggests in the show's trailer, "it's about helping (businesses) with their decision making or planning and shaping who you are."

EllisKnight, a Pangbourne-based recruitment firm is the first to become Planet Mark-certified, and there's a reason they've got there.

At the centre of their brand is the consciousness they demonstrate both as a business and individuals. They're very driven towards philanthropy, championing B1G1 (Buy one, give one), and indeed that charity's founder Masami Sato is one of the show's first planned guests.

Director Paul Smith was the one who come up with the idea of a podcast for Ellis Knight. And he was clear from the beginning that he didn't want a podcast about recruitment. He wanted it to be about far more than that.

"If every business made a small change or were inspired by a guest or something we've done and we've given that platform to make a good, positive difference... that's a worthwhile podcast to host", said Paul Smith.

And the company means business. Unlike many marketing departments who decide to start a podcast, this isn't a show made by simply placing a phone on a desk and talking into it.

They've brought in the help of a professional podcast production company, Oxfordshire-based Podknows Productions. As a result, every episode is recorded using professional-grade equipment.

But it's not all seriousness.

A lighthearted aspect of the show comes in the form of the fun-loving banter they have with their other Director, and friend, Dave Holby-Wolinski, otherwise known as "Dave the rower" by adoring fans in his home town of Basingstoke.

Listeners will be treated to stories of Dave's foray into the world of acting, and the many hilarious stories he has to offer about such topics as football and his relationship with TV broadcaster Anne Diamond! You'll need to listen, to learn more about that!


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