Video Interview Preparation: Top tips.

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    Video Interview Preparation: Top tips. 

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    Over the last few years, the recruitment industry has been transforming and adapting to technological advancements and the rise of digital platforms.

    The challenge for recruitment agencies is exploring new ways to not just improve the hiring process for our clients, but to create a positive and insightful experience for the candiates. Video interviews are generating that opportunity to use technology to engage both parties: jobseeker and employer. 

    If you have a video interview booked or you are just curious about how it works, our top tips can help you:

    1. Some applicants refuse when they are asked to do a video interview.
    Always say, yes! Video interviews bring your CV to life. Often, employers prefer to choose one applicant from another because of their personality. 

    2. "Video interviews make me feel even more nervous than a traditional one". Stepping out of your comfort zone speaks well of you. Your recruitment consultant will guide you through the interview before recording it, so when you start, you feel a hundred per cent comfortable. 

    3. No need for rehearsing, just be yourself. If it helps, have on hand your CV to guide yourself through your experience; however, let your personality shine and the conversation flow. 

    4. Sometimes, the Head Office team of a company will want to get to know you, even though you will be working for a branch. A video interview is used in these cases to save the applicant both time and money by cutting the need for travel. 

    5. No access to a computer at that moment? No stress, most of the recruitment resourcers provide you with a link which can be accessed on any device, including a smartphone or tablet. 

    6. Finally, but not less important, dress smart. No matter the format of the interview always dress to impress, don't forget that your potential employer will see the video. 

    EllisKnight International partnered with Hinterview, to create an interactive and creative way to showcase high-quality videos of skilled candidates. We tailor client-relevant questions that are specific to the position applied for, meaning you can be sure that we will guide you through the interview, giving you the best chance of success.  

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