What does "Happiness at work" actually mean?


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When you start a new job, everything seems new and exciting. However, after working at the same place for a while, how do you keep yourself happy and motivated?

It's a fact that at some point, along with the usual challenges, there is going to be certain factors that may stress you out. It could be a conflictive relationship with colleagues, a dysfunctional relationship with your direct manager, long term exposure to stress related to work, to name just a few.

The way we resolve conflicts and manage stress at the workplace can make a difference. However, "happiness" is a subjective concept and hard to define as every person stamps a different meaning to it.

There are many studies related to happiness at work. Yet, three factors are mention frequently:

Relationships. Harvard Business Review released a study that states the key to happiness at work is investing more in relationships. "People whose work is mundane or demanding are just as likely to feel satisfied and fulfilled as those with fun or inspiring jobs if they proactively invest in relationships that nourish them and create a sense of purpose."

Job satisfaction. Other studies appoint that typically "happiness" occurs when there is job satisfaction, rather than psychological well-being.

Engagement. Annie McKee, co-author of the bestselling Primal Leadership. In her book, she mentions that happiness is about the full engagement that comes with it: individual, team, and organizational success, as well as a sense of purpose and the chance to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

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