World Mental Health Day 2020


This year, World Mental Health Day is more influential than ever. People from all over the globe have been affected by the pandemic in many levels within their lives.

Currently, the pandemic has transformed the world we live in; and certainly, the way we work. As recruiters, we are well aware that people have been doing their best to adapt to their circumstances: unemployment, overworking, stress, isolation and juggling between being a parent/home-tutor, all whilst trying to hit work targets.

Psychosocial support and mental health national plans need to address the mental health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on citizens. It is, therefore, of great significance and importance that the theme for World Mental Health Day 2020 will be: Mental Health for All: Greater Investment & Greater Access - Dr Ingrid Daniels, World Federation for Mental Health President.


If you are looking for information and support towards improving your mental wellbeing, Coronavirus and your mental health, tips for everyday living, and more, please visit Mind for better mental health; they have a vast library of useful resources.

Do you want to support?

There are incredible mental health charities that you could help with a donation; please find the complete NHS Mental Health Charities Directory here.

Are you seeking help?

Please call your local GP or visit for guidance: NHS Urgent Support.