Ellis Knight GDPR Process Guide



The EllisKnight office in situated in the Regus Building in Arlington Business Park in Theale.

Access to this building is via a front reception desk that is manner with 2 Regus staff between the hours of 8am – 6pm. Access to the building outside of these hours is only via a security pass which has been allocated and signed for by authorised personnel only.

Access to the EllisKnight office on the 2nd floor is only available with a key that has been allocated and signed for by authorised personnel only.

Patrick Graham has been appointed as the GDPR Manager for EllisKnight Bespoke Recruitment Ltd.


Candidate Registration Process

All candidates are sent an EllisKnight Registration Form to complete as part of our registration process. This form has been updated for GDPR to include a section on Consent and Permissions, which includes:

  • I hereby give EllisKnight permission to follow up and gain reference information.
  • I hereby give EllisKnight permission to keep my information on file for up to 3 years.
  • I hereby give EllisKnight permission to share my information with potential employers.
  • I hereby give EllisKnight permission to share my information with their chosen payroll provider.

The registration form also clearly states that candidates can have a copy of the EllisKnight GDPR policy upon request.


Candidate Application Process

EllisKnight have a contract with Broadbean as our chosen Applicant Tracking System and Broadbean have a developed a robust GDPR process for collecting, retaining and deleting of candidate data.

This policy is available on their website and here is a link to their documents and policy:



Recruitment CRM System

EllisKnight have a contract with Bullhorn as our recruitment CRM system. This is an international, market leading recruitment CRM system and they have a robust policy for GDPR and storing of candidate data which is available on their website.

Here is a link: https://www.bullhorn.com/uk/gdpr-commitment-statement/


Filing Process

EllisKnight have 3 secure lockable filing cabinets in the office, which have labelled sections for secure filing of the following:

  • Placed candidates
  • Temps in bookings
  • Lost jobs
  • Filled jobs
  • Available candidates
  • Interview board forms

Paper files will be kept in secure filing cabinets and sorted into date order, one cabinet for each year.

All files will be kept for a maximum of 3 years before being shredded. The EllisKnight Office Administrator will arrange for files to be shredded annually.

Shred-It is Ellis Knights chosen provider. You can learn more via their website.

Here is the link: https://www.shredit.co.uk/en-gb/home


Registration of Temporary Candidate

When a candidate is registered, all paperwork needs to be passed to the administrator to be added to Bullhorn. N.B – Registration forms must be completed in full – Referee details to be included.

I.D will need to be seen at the time of registration and a copy to be passed to the administrator. N.B – A list of acceptable I.D can be found on the EK Shared Drive.

During the registration process, you must get the starter checklist and the bank details form completed and signed by the candidate. This will also need to be passed to the administrator.

The administrator will then add the candidate to Bullhorn and the payroll system, if a start date has been confirmed.

Candidate details will then be added to the Bullhorn Audit Spreadsheet and Current Temps Spreadsheet.


Registration of Permanent Candidate

When a candidate is registered, consultants will need to add them to Bullhorn and upload all relevant documents to Bullhorn (I.D, Registration form, CV)

Once placed, all paperwork must be passed to the administrator, advising her of the outcome, as above.


Temp Payroll

Once a candidate has a confirmed placement, the administrator will add them to the payroll system. A log in will be emailed to the candidate to enable them to submit time sheets. N.B -All new placements must be added by Thursday at 5pm to be included in the following weeks payroll.

Time sheets must be submitted by Monday at 5pm and must be authorised by 12pm every Tuesday for payment to be made on Friday. Any that are submitted or authorised late will not be paid until the following week.

The administrator will monitor payroll every Tuesday morning and contact any candidates that have not submitted a time sheet and will contact any time sheet authoriser that has not yet authorised.

Payslips can be viewed by candidates on a Thursday. They will receive an email notification that it is ready to be viewed.


Temp Leavers

When a placement comes to end, you must advise the administrator, so the placement can be ended on the system.

The administrator will then arrange for a P45 and any accrued holiday to be paid to the candidate.


Active Clients & Candidates

Active Clients & Candidates on our system may, from time to time, receive relevant emails from us to update them on current affairs or regarding their recruitment needs.  In each email, there will be an option to ‘unsubscribe’ from our mailings. If anyone wishes to opt out of our mailings at any time, they can contact recruitment@ellisknight.com at any time and they will be removed from our mailing list.