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EllisKnight International Recruitment is proud to announce a new payment option RPO Switch ON - Switch OFF.

On this uncertain times, businesses across all industries are facing significant challenges, and now more than ever, we all need to be flexible. In that line, we are offering a recruitment service that can adjust to your company without worrying about extra fees.



What does this mean?

For example, if you would have an in-house recruitment team and, for any reason, there is no recruitment movement, you would still have to pay HR team salaries, advertising, job boards, recruitment software, between other fees.

When you choose us as your recruitment partners with the RPO Switch ON- Switch OFF payment option, you can stop your recruitment service anytime without incurring in extra fees.

Finally, when you are ready to recruit again, you just need to switch it on, and you'll be able to access again to our team of recruitment experts and many other perks:

  • On-site presence as much as required.
  • Access to a team of recruitment experts.
  • Manage a panel of support suppliers to give greater coverage.
  • Includes all advertising costs.
  • Agreed KPI's and Service Level Agreements.
  • 6 month guarantee linked to candidates successfully passing probation.
  • Ability to manage large volume recruitment across all departments.
  • Includes temp payroll service and referencing.
  • Small recruitment fees in exchange for managing all vacancies as an RPO.
  • Fees can be split across 12 months, not just not just on start date.

In other words, if there's NO RECRUITMENT, there will be NO COST.


How do we fill our vacancies?

We use the latest recruitment technology to ensure we contact top talent with the skills required:


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